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Fight against Weapons on Space

A lot of people have been asking the question of whether or not nations can put their weapons in space. Also, they are the thought of an agreement between nations that promotes prosperity and security to all the involved countries. Form the agreement that can be made by the nations of space weapon; there are many benefits and new opportunities in space. This article is all about ways that prevent placement of weapons in space by nations. Many nations are in with the idea that there should be no placement of weapons in space. However, some of the nations that are not in with the idea are creating weapons that can be stored in the space. There is need to encourage as many countries as possible to join in the fight against the placement of weapons in space.

Leaders need to have courage in support of the treaty to have support of the citizens. The main purpose of having the treaty that prevents the weapon from space is to make sure that nuclear weapons and other dangerous weapons are not placed on the internet. With the treaty approved, the fight stations above the head of the citizens cannot exist. Also, the war on the space cannot appear that in turn can cause the war on the earth. Many people’s happiness can be seen when all nations agree to have no weapon in space that generates conflict. It is expected for the expanding of the international cooperative, commercial, civil conflict and military ventures in the space when all the country deals in the treaty. Space can be used to benefit all humanity without causing any harm in terms of war.

Many scientists have an idea of having transport system installed in the space together the development of agriculture where food for all human beings can be produced. According to many space experts and geologist, they believe that the most critical time is now to know the effects and benefit that comes with placing weapon on the space. Space experts support the idea that all the military and industry that create weapons be replaced by a commission that can bring peace and harmony to all civilians. Some of the attempts that are there in making sure that space is beneficial to all civilians include glob positioning and communication, space tourism, emergency medical care primary, and distance educations. With all the above development in space, many opportunities that come with space on economy and security.

Many suggestions have been brought forth by the people who have studied more about space, and the benefits that come with the treaty that supports no weapon should be placed in the area. Some of the things that can be placed on the space instead of having toxic military weapons include labs, industries, craft, farms, and habitats. The above mentioned projects can be executed and have a tremendously positive effect on the lives of all civilians. The most benefit that is going to be felt is on the world’s economy when the treaty is approved.

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