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How do you become a commercial driver’s license? Is having one enough? First of all, it is important that a driver is physically fit health wise to ensure that he or she is capable of driving. You are not allowed to drive if you haven’t secured your medical certificate as an additional requirement to your CDL.

There are a lot of medical clinics that offer this type of service. It is very important for a driver to undergo this process because this is a mandated requirement of the government and as a responsible driver, you need to undergo physical exam and comply with the medical requirement. This will help assess if you are still capable of driving or you need special assistance already. For instance, you were in an accident and got amputated. Although you have a CDL, you will have to submit the result of your medical examination since this is an indicator whether you can still drive safely or you will have to pause for a while to recover or you will have special assistance in order to drive properly.

Professional medical doctors who are accredited to accept and process medical exams for CDL are many. Thus, you don’t have to worry in looking for one that will cater you. Just make sure that the doctor is really accredited otherwise, your medical result will not be honored as part of your CDL requirement. You cannot fake medical result, too. That is definitely not an option. You need to visit accredited doctors to ensure that the issued medical exam result is valid and acceptable for you to start driving again.

The requirements prior the medical exam is very easy to comply. All you have to present is your driver’s license or any valid ID such as passport. You must also present your medical records, and prescriptions. Why? Because the medical doctor that will examine you needs to know your medical history. All your medical history records are part of the considerations for them to assess your health state. This is the part where your honesty counts most. You need to be honest with them especially if you are taking medicine as a maintenance for your heart problem. Also, if you have eyesight disability, it is better that you present it, too. This will help the medical doctor to ensure that even if you have visionary disability, you can still be allowed to drive.

Aside from these requirements, you will also have to present clearance letter to drive from a cardiologist if you have history or bypass or other heart-related surgery. CPAP report is also required at least 3 months. If you have blood pressure issues, clearance is also a requirement as well as clearance letter to drive if you are taking narcotics or amphetamine to address your ADHD, weight loss, depression and the likes.

As a commercial driver, it is your sole responsibility to acquire a valid license thus, presenting your medical exam result from an accredited doctor is very important. This is a must and should be abide by everyone who wished to drive.

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