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Weight Lose Programs That Apply HCG
Do you consider yourself fat, is there something you want to do about your weight? If so the you are actually looking for the best programs to apply in this exercise, you might also have heard about the HCG program and you are looking for some info on how it works. This article will take you through everything you need to know about this program. So you will get started with what exactly HCG is. HCG is a hormone naturally produced in the female body during pregnancy and maybe used medically to treat issues with fertility. Though this program is still subject to research it is widely used and you will need to learn the little there is to know about it. With some HCG in your bloodstream one seems to have increased resistance for hunger. This is further supported by the fact that the early stages of pregnancy are marked by nausea and morning sickness and this is thought to be an effect of HCG.
HCG works by maintaining the body’s muscle-mass despite the lower food intakes and this helps in the case of pregnant women retaining the necessary strength to keep them healthy throughout the pregnancy. HCG is administered mainly through injections for its increased efficiency. The dosage is a factor of several considerations that might include the type of diet one lives on or even the body size and the age. The HCG diet recommends one to two meal a day at 250 calories along with the daily HCG injection. This will give you the best result by the loss of fat and not muscle with an approximate total weight loss of between 1 and 3 lbs per day. You have some limitations when on this program. The limitations include not being able to exercise and also not able to use dairy, sugar and oils, one Is recommended to use grains vegetables and lean meats.
Just like any other supplement HCG has a possibility of side effects though this is witnessed in very few cases and you need to read here for more info. Among the side effects of HCG are headaches, water retention, irritability, fatigue, depression and restlessness. It is hard to tell if the signs are as a result of HCG or other issues like dieting that also have similar side effects. You might find other forms of HCG other than injections what you need to know is that the only proven working form of HCG is the injection and o other. HCG is a natural hormone and is therefore seen safe the only thing to worry about would be its application. Even though HCG is legal and safe itself you should avoid over-the-counter HCG products as it is illegal to use HCG without a prescription. There are several alternatives to this and you can get another alternative that works in the same way if you have concerns with HCG. You have the facts now it is you decision to use or not use this program.