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Parenting Tips: How to Help You Know the Right Age to Introduce Modern Technology to Your Child

According to research done in various parts of almost eight percent of kids aged thirteen and above have a smartphone. With multiple technological gadgets developed such as smartphones, computers and tablets, many parents out here don’t know the age when a child should be allowed to access these devices and for how long. If you are one of the parents who are not sure of the right time to introduce their child to new technological devices then you need to read this report.

One of the guidelines you are supposed to consider when you want to know the right age to introduce your kid to new technology is by first knowing the motive of technology. It is important to make sure you understand why your kid needs a smartphone, a tablet or a computer before you buy him or her the gadget. There are some people who have always find it a good option to entertain their kids by giving them various technological gadgets such as smartphone, tablet or computer while they are at a restaurant. While this is can be a good practice once in a while, it’s best not to make a tendency of it. There are some types of entertainment that can actually be beneficial to your kid. For example in an experiment that was done on various children who watch Sesame Street reviled that those who did watch it had a greater concentration in school and had good academic results. However the parent should be careful since not all games, apps and TV shows are beneficial to the child’s education development.

The second thing you need to take note of before you decide to introduce your kid to technology is that there are risks of internet exposure. Many parents believe that by restricting their children from adult websites, and downloading child-friendly apps they are doing enough as far as protecting their children from mature content is concerned. Sadly in a few cases there are some videos that are grouped as children content have some videos and audios that explicit to your child. While YouTube claims that it has introduced upgraded channels to preclude any of these kinds of cases from happening, some content has been reported to have slipped through the cracks. In case you have permitted you, child, to access YouTube videos n their devices like smartphone or tablet, you need to make sure you monitor everything that they watch and ensure it does not have explicit content.

The third thing you need to do to help you expose your child to technology at the right age is to ensure you find the right apps and software. Once you have decided that it’s the right time to expose your child to technology, you need to make sure you control and limit the various websites, software and apps they can get access to.