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Importance of an Obstetrician During Pregnancy and Birth

A woman requires medical care while pregnant and at birth. An Obstetrician provides this care, walks the pregnancy journey with the women, also known as antenatal care, and be there at birth to provide medical care, and thereafter, provide postnatal care. The obstetrician has the necessary qualifications for helping women give birth as well as provide the necessary medical care as some of the pregnancies are sometimes classified as high-risk pregnancies. If you live in Los Angeles and require an Obstetrician, visit Dr. Layne Kumet. You can look her up on the internet, search for Obstetrician Los Angeles and check on the web search results. Sometimes, a woman, especially after two or three children, may sometime feel they no longer need the care of the obstetrician. Whereas this happens often, it should not be the case as the health of a pregnant woman and the baby is very important. In this article, we look at some major reasons why you should allow an obstetrician to walk with you during the pregnancy journey.

During the first appointment, an obstetrician will conduct very important tests on you and the baby. He or she will check the condition of the baby, the position the baby is in as well as the growth of the baby so far. These tests are very vital and if any woman does not have them done, it can be risky if any of the tests are not Okay. This is the best stage to detect if your pregnancy will be classified as high risk for continuous care, or if it just a normal pregnancy. It is therefore important to visit an obstetrician for this care.

A pregnant woman requires supplements and other medicines during pregnancy, especially if her pregnancy is considered high risk. The supplements and the medicines are important to the growing baby, and to the mother who requires lots of nutrients such as calcium, iron, etc. Some of these supplements cannot be purchased over the counter as they require an obstetrician’s prescription. In this case, it is important to see one. If it is your first pregnancy and does not know any obstetrician, ask for refers or lookup on the internet for an obstetrician near you. For instance, to get Dr. Layne Kumet based in Los Angeles, search for Obstetrician Los Angeles.

An obstetrician monitors the progress of the growing fetus, as well as the mother. Frequent ultrasounds will be done to see the progress, and if need be, establish the sex of the baby. From the monitoring, he or she is able to prepare the mother for birth. The obstetrician will enlighten you on what labor is about, how you should handle it and what to expect. If need be, the obstetrician will be present during labor and birth, especially in private hospitals.

During birth, there can be several complications, prompting the need for an obstetrician. Emergencies are best dealt with soonest possible so as not to risk the life of the mother and the baby.

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